1. i want to eat healthy..and lose about 20 pounds..but how can i be eating health and still be in school?

  2. Hi Larissa,

    Eating healthy, especially in a stressful and budget limiting situation is always a challenge. The very best way I know is to concentrate on eating smaller meals more frequently. This speeds up the metabolism and that will give you more energy. You can do this very cost effectively too. Ex. :

    morning- yogurt, banana, peanut butter toast
    mid-morning- grnola bar and apple
    Lunch- turkey sandwich, nuts, a few crackers and carrots
    Midday- nuts and maybe a shake. (something easy)
    dinner- piece of chicken, broccoli, and whole grain rice
    before bed- lite popcorn

    All day: Water!!!

    You can use that as a guideline and sub like foods where you see fit. This is a quick way to lose that 20 lbs without killing the bank account and being hungry.
    Good luck Larissa! Thanks for writing!

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