Posted by: Will | August 5, 2008

The Music To Make You Fit

Man, this website is taking forever! I am officially a week late on the launch but that’s ok. I saw a brief overview of the flash page thanks to Imagine Tech and it is really cool. So I guess I can say that it will be worth the wait. And! And the sponsors are eager to advertise and give free stuff away on here. Win Win! Ok, so here’s a random blog just to tide it over about music to train to. You may have different choices so I encourage you to share them on here. Remember, I want this place to be one big info sharing love fest of fitness and fun. So, party on and here are a few of mine.


The important thing about any aerobic activity is pick music with like beats and a relatively repetitious beat. Whether you mean to or not, the pace of your run is indicative to your subconscious. If you go out for a jog with stressful issues on your mind it is almost guaranteed that the pace will not only be quick but inconsistant. Same goes for the music. Progressive rock is not the choice of the long distance runner. Too many different beats, too many tempo changes and most of the time it starts slow, then changes too fast and then finishes slow. That maps out the same as a really shitty run. So stay away from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cold Play, The Beatles (drug years), anything new from Metallica (because it sucks) and usually any song over 8 minutes. Personally I go with Daft Punk, certain songs from Blur, AC/DC (because it all sounds the same) and so on. Here are some examples.

Daft Punk has had a long history with my running years. They stay consistent and it is fun to listen to without getting so wrapped up in the meaning of the song that you end up on the bumper of a Buick. “Human After All” is a great running song. And so is “Make Love”. That’s my trail running song and I have it on repeat for at least an hour. It sets my heart rhythm perfectly. Take a gander.

Weight Training!

This is when you need to step it up a notch. Having a melodic and repetitious beat can have an opposite effect on your mind when you are feeling the burn. It’s okay to be angry here so turn up the volume and rock on. This is especially important when you are killing the abs.

This may not resonate with many people but if you want to get the adrenaline pumping there is no greater band to help you than Slipknot. I give these guys mad props because they have been with me for every milestone in my lifting endeavour.

I’m not a huge Korn fan but I love this song. In fact, it saved me from a possible ‘episode’ at the gym. True story: I workout at a 24 hour gym and sometimes I take them up on the 24 hour aspect and lift by myself. (don’t do that) So, I had a long day and was feeling surprisingly energetic. I had a great workout and decided that it was a good idea to finish the night by pushing a new lift record on the incline bench. Well, upping the weight by 30 lbs proved too much for my over-zealous ego and got stuck on the bench with 225 lbs on me and no way to get it off. I felt like Tom Hanks in the Money Pit when he sank with the rug into the hole in the floor. I started laughing but the pressure on my chest made it difficult to breath. I had no way out. That is until I gained composure and this little ditty came up on my mp3 player and I turned agony into sheer anger. I lifted it off and quickly racked the bar. So, I owe it to Korn for…I guess embarrassment of staying at the gym until someone came in and saved me. So Thanks Korn!

Hot Dog Eating Competition!

If this doesn’t make you smile then you have no soul.

So, that is a little blurb about fitness and music. It was random and semi pointless but I didn’t want people to think that Macabre Fitness went to the way side. It’s going to be bigger than Uncle Sam’s nipples, I tell you.



  1. I don’t have any particular music I prefer. I tend to listen to whatever’s playing at the gym or just watch whatever is on the TV. I don’t have an iPod or any portable music listening device. I wouldn’t use it except for maybe the gym so, it doesn’t seem like an investment worth making. Plus, I already told you how I feel about working out…

    And I’ve never seen Uncle Sam’s nipples, but I’m guessing they must be huge if this website is going to be bigger than them!

  2. I have to listen to music that’s loud and yells at me. For some reason I run better when I’m angry. For me Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evenescence, and Headstrong’s Back Off I’ll Take You On usually do it for me. I can’t listen to anything mellow or popish until I start walking. Oh, or sometimes angry girl songs like Alanis Morissette (early stuff), No Doubt’s I’m Just a Girl, and Meredith Brooks’ Bitch work also. But that’s just me.

  3. I’m also a big fan of Fall out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. Great beats that are just right for my running pace. Are there any good workout mixes or is it just a matter of trial and error to find out what works? I sometimes wish I could get my hands on the cds they play for boxfit but I have no idea where they get those.

  4. Yesterday I powered through the last 5 minutes of my workout with the help of “Material Girl” by Madonna…no joke.

    Yup, we all have a song 😉

  5. too funny, billy, during my short stint at going to the Y, all i used to play was….slipknot and korn. nothing else. ever.

    listen to this man, he knows what he’s talking about.

    i listen to korn if i go walking too (god help me if i ever try to run), it all sounds the same and has the right tempo.

  6. great music suggestions…I’m going to use it to mold my running playlists now

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