Posted by: Will | July 25, 2008

Go See This Film…..that’s an order.

Ok, we all know that I am a big fan of inspirational stories that have to do with human endurance. I mean, this is coming from a guy who watched the 2006 Hawaii Iron Man documentary no less than 700 times. But this time I am really pressing the issue that you break out of the norm and see this film. What film am I talking about? It’s the one day release of 50 Marathons. Our buddy, who you read a quick blurb about a couple of days ago Dean Karnazes, ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. Read that three times over and try to digest the enormity of that. It is true that this guy is a super human but that is incredible.

The movie is only being shown on Thursday, July 31so you should get tickets soon. Go to to find the theaters and buy tickets near you. This is an epic event and even if you don’t run at all I am sure this movie will inspire great things. So get off the couch, off the bar stool or out of the cubical! Bring your friends and family and go see 50 Marathons next Thursday. I promise it will be a movie long remembered.

The book reviews will be out on Sunday! Sorry that it is taking so long. My bedtime storybook reader has really been slacking.

Gives you goosebumps, huh?



  1. I like being ordered around. 😉

    But, I really won’t be able to catch this movie. First, off I REALLY don’t like going to movie theatres. Secondly, this will have to eventually come out on DVD and I’d prefer to watch it then.

    I can only hope he can inspire me. See, I’m one of those folks that works out because I HAVE to not because I want to or even remotely enjoy it. I know, I know…but at least I do it.

  2. i hope it comes out on DVD. His site says it’s not in the works but yeah, I am sure it will at some point. Still spread the word. It’s going to be a great movie!

    DC! I can help you enjoy it.

    That sounded bad, didn’t it?

  3. Are you freak’n kidding me? 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days?? AND he lived to tell the tale??? That’s it, I already feel like an underachiever and yet I’ll be on the look out for this movie!

  4. That’s what is so cool about it, he can inspire people to do one marathon. And that is incredible in and of it’s self! 26.2 is something not many can say they have done.
    I promise this will be worthwhile.

  5. Bill: Haha! That did sound a little bad. For a minute I thought “Are we still talking about working out?” 🙂

    I doubt I’ll ever get to the point of really enjoying working out. Sure, I’m proud of myself when I do it, but I still don’t like it. I think I’m just mad at my damn metabolism for giving out on me with age. (sigh)

  6. DC, maybe you just haven’t found the right exercise for you! I tend to be like that too about running, but sometimes even just running with a friend or doing something a little bit different can make all the difference between a total drag and something enjoyable.

    I find marathons SO inspiring. I watched the London marathon this year and I just loved seeing all those different people, all running together. Do you think they’re showing it in Scotland?

  7. Scomerican Girl: Dean answered your question when I asked him.

    Dean K wrote: Howdy Bill – The Scottish and British translations have not been completed yet. As you know, these are complex languages for us Americans to decipher, so please allow a little extra time for the conversion. Okay Bill, see you in a few miles (er…kilometers).

    So I guess that’s a “not yet” but I bet it will be there soon. Here in GA tickets are already sold out in two theaters so I imagine it will expand across the pond soon enough.

  8. Cool, thanks for checking that out! There are a theatres I can think of that would probably show it, once the distribution is all figured out. I’ll keep my eye out for it.

  9. If I miss it and catch it as a rental instead, will that be okay with you? ‘Cause you seem very stern and authoritative in terms of making sure people watch this, and I don’t want you to beat me up…. 😦

  10. Lucky for you, you live in Canada and it isn’t showing there. If you were here I might have to…..

  11. 😉

  12. you might have to…what? A.K.A now it’s Monday and I’m no longer afraid of you, but instead sleep-deprived, hopped up on caffeine and ready to crush some human…I will beat you down, is what I’m trying to say.

    …Okay, time to straighten my top-hat and get back to work 😉

  13. i sort of am in the same boat with f’d up lungs. Dean K is pretty cool but the dudes who run the self transcendence 3100 take the cake. 3100 miles in a little over 40 days, that’s almost 3 marathons a day for the leader. They have been running since June 15th. check out this race link.

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