Posted by: Will | July 10, 2008

From Pammy-

When this site launches (hopefully by the first week of August) I really want it to be totally interactive. By that I mean a place where people can share funny stories, problems, post videos, rant, review and brag. I have been getting a few emails already and I must say this is shaping up to be something really great. I know everyone has a story to share. I mean come on, we have all been to the meathead gyms and Barbie factories and for once, haven’t you just wanted to rip on how funny these people really look? Well, to start off on the blog section we have Pammy. I have been a big fan of her blog,Hey There, Pammy-Girl. She is funny and writes with such honesty you feel like you have known her for years. So here she is telling us about the trials and tribulations when it comes to packing a gym bag and getting acclimated to a new gym. Enjoy!

Is It Really Only Wednesday?

For years my father would complain that he was forgetful. It got to the point that before he left work or the house, I’d ask: do you have your keys? briefcase? phone? papers/homework to grade? jacket? I found it amusing, until recently. As I’ve reached my mid-30s, I’m realizing that things don’t work as well as they used to and it’s killing me. I like to put things in a specific place where I can always find them (like keys) but I always talk myself out of that and put them someplace obvious but apparently is not.

This morning was Day 1 at my new gym. I’ve been working out at 5:30 am for about 10 years and while getting up that early can be jarring, I tend to have more energy and am more apt to get my work out done than if I wait until after work. Something happens around 5 pm that isn’t good: I’m too tired to exercise, I’m hungry, if I’ve had a bad day I’m crabby, too many people are in the gym at that time, I’ve usually got plans after work and then I’ll have to make a choice between working out or something else (and working out will most definitely lose). But I digress.

I’ve never ever showered and gotten ready for the day at the gym as I’ve always gone home before heading off to work. That doesn’t make sense this time around since the gym is on campus and therefore a mere 5 minute walk from my office and yet a 20 minute drive from home. I spent last night preparing my gym bag with all possible necessities: shampoo/conditioner, clothes, shoes, hairdryer, lotion, brush, towel, and make-up. I didn’t realize just how much stuff, time and space I need to get myself ready for the day.

Sclepping my life in a gym bag and then shoving it into a locker that’s about 6 inches wide was quite the task, following by some grunts and growls. The work out was fine as it’s a brand new, state-of-the-art facility full of lots of gadgets and everything you could think of. But the getting ready part? Not pleasant and this is where the forgetting stuff comes in. I forgot my shower shoes. An unsanitary situation in Europe where I shared bathroom facilities with 8 other people resulted in a lovely foot fungus and plantar wart. Ever since then I’m a HUGE believer in flip flops. I then noticed I neglected to bring a comb. I did have a brush, but my hair is an unruly thick mess and must be combed when wet. That, of course, didn’t happen so I’m pony-tailing it today. The lighting in the bathroom is pretty bad and I neglected to bring any of my make-up brushes. I now look like a clown.

I will continue working out in the morning but some things will change. 1. I will do my make up in my own office bathroom as the lighting is much better and I’m apparently the only person who uses that bathroom; 2. Flip flops everyday!!!; 3. I will purchase a small fridge for my office so I can each cereal and yogurt rather than walking down to the student union and eating a fried egg sandwich; and 4. I’ve got to find a GOOD place to put my keys.



  1. Ah, I’m so sorry about your European foot-fungus, that sounds so unpleasant! So ya, shower-shoes are essential, and it was actually really interesting to hear the entire process of getting ready after the gym, as I have relegated myself to working out in my basement until I get to the point where I don’t scowl at my reflection in the mirror. Ah, issues… 😉

    Anyhoo, that was a nice read so I think I’m gonna like Billy’s “gym-story corner” 😉 … also I’ve never read your blog before, so I think I’ll be stopping by to visit 🙂

  2. Ugh to forgetting things when you get ready at the gym. I think the worst thing I’ve ever forgotten was my bra. Going without was not an option and I didn’t have a jacket or coat to use as camouflage. I put on bright red lipstick to draw attention away from the girls and made a dash out of the building with my arms across my chest. Never again, I tell you.

  3. You thought that post was interesting, try reading my efforts today. I’m losing my mind, I tell you.

    Romi: stop by anytime
    Allison: actually forgot my REAL bra today

  4. Yep, I meant real bra. It’s the pits.

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