Posted by: Will | July 8, 2008

This Will Be A Website Too

So now that i am committed to starting this blog about health and fitness I have now realized the amount of time this particular task will take. So why just blog about this when I can run an actual website with real sponsors. So that is what I am doing. The blog will still be here through wordpress but I lucked out on a few investors and business opportunities that require a “dot com”.

So what can one expect? Well, you will get free picture tutorials, everything from weight lifting to swimming to running. There will be nutrition guidance and hilarious stories from anyone who will care to share. I have talked a few businesses into giving away free swag to my loyal readers and believe me, it will be better than shoelaces or power bars. Let’s see….OH! There will be video postings powered by Vimeo in HD so that will be pretty cool. Trust me, it will be cool and of course full of humor so it will not be a continuous yawn to read.

But for right this second, here is a picture of me being a tool at the gym. Believe it or not I was busted taking a picture of my reflection right after this. I, of course, faked a phone call to clear any suspicions of what I was actually doing. I guess it didn’t help that my pretend conversation included me screaming, “Sell, Sell!”.



  1. classy, man.
    I turned off the clicky noise on my camera-phone so no one can hear me do it. And if anyone bags you for taking pix, just Say you’re Matt from X-E.

  2. A while back I started reporting on the characters I met at the gym. No one responded much on those entries so I finally stopped writing about my gym exploits, but I’ll most definitely share them on this site. I start working out at a new gym tomorrow and I promise it will be interesting.

    Are you one of those guys who practically has an orgasm while lifting weights? You know the type… a screamer. I hate them. They make me very uncomfortable.

  3. Pammy, I can’t wait to post your articles!

    I hate screamers too. I also hate when they drop the weights on the floor. It’s just to get attention.

  4. Thats funny Bill, I had heard you were quite a screamer.

    I wish I had an exercise story to share, I’m just lazy though.

    Oh, heres one, My thumb cramped up playing my ds today, god it was killer.

  5. Oh no Josh! This will be a place to rip on meatheads too! You know, the gym rats we all hate.
    hope your thumb gets better. 🙂

  6. Very nice!!

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