Posted by: Will | July 7, 2008

Let Me See Your War Face

Yeah, not the most intimidating face in the world, but whatever. This was taken on the 4th of July and I was the only one not at a pool or backyard barbecue. Nope, I was the lone member in the gym.Thomas Jefferson would have wanted it this way. That’s my dedication.

One confession: I went home and drank three beers and watched “To Catch A Predator” all night. it’s the small rewards that make an hour in the gym rewarding. (I swear this blog will get going soon.)



  1. The look in your eyes is going to haunt my dreams forever.
    I’ll let it slide if you can get me fit though.

  2. I don’t make a very good intense face. It’s more a look of surprise.

  3. Yeah, you look like something just violated you.

  4. perhaps you need to show some growly teeth.

    i am so excited for you!!!!

  5. Those ‘To Catch a Predator’ specials are simultaneously disturbing and addicting. My daughter is never going to have access to a computer.

    Kudos to your celebratory independence. John Adams would have been pleased too. (Do you like the book so far?)

  6. This is embarrassing. I stopped reading it and got pulled into another one. This one is about the world post-America. It’s very interesting. And a little scary.

    Yeah, I trust people a little less but it is fun to watch their lives get turned upside down when Chris Hanson walks in.

  7. I was at the gym as well, in the a.m. though, with plenty of time for afternoon BB-Qing and beer!

    I’ll have to watch this site. I’ve been lifting for nearly 15 years now and I have my share of great gym stories to swap.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

  8. Hey dobeman! Glad you stopped by. I am launching a fitness/humor site in a couple of weeks. Just finnishing with ad sponsors and such but it will be great to post some of your stories! Fire them away to and they will be up. Thanks dobeman.

  9. Whoa…scary starey face.

    Nice paws. Did you just get a manicure?

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